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Healthcare Data Security

RDGX is a revolutionary asset in healthcare data security globally, unmatched in its sector significance.

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RDGX Token

Token Sales Details

Final Allocation:

Only 100M RDGX Tokens will ever be available for Direct Purchase
Join Us in Safeguarding Healthcare Data and Pioneering the Web3 Era in Global Health IT.
Earn monthly 3.33% reward (equivalent to 39.96% annually) with the Node Validator Rewards.



The Future of Healthcare Data

Workflow Management.

Precisely Crafted R-DEE Protocol: A Dual Consensus Blockchain Network, Designed to:

Unify Healthcare IT: Bridging Diverse Infrastructures.
Secure: Offering unmatched protection against threats.
Speed: Ensuring data reaches promptly where it’s needed.
Elevate: Healthcare Enhancing Data Portability and Efficiency.

The Future of Healthcare Data
Workflow Management.


Node Validator
Harnessing Economic

Pre-Implementation of R-DEE Protocol

Current Challenges: Fragmented data systems. Vulnerable to cyber threats. Inefficient data transactions. High operational costs. Limited scalability.

Post-Implementation of R-DEE Protocol

Enhanced Security: The R-DEE Protocol enhances healthcare IT productivity with military-grade encryption, streamlined processing, and real-time data exchange for speed. It's energy-efficient, scalable, and ensures robust global healthcare operations.

Benefits and Overview

Utilizing PoS-integrated systems in the web3 landscape ensures higher security, efficiency, and data transmission speed. A significant advantage is the opportunity to become a Node Validator for the R-DEE Protocol, contributing to technological advancements in healthcare and receiving rewards in RDGX tokens every 30 days. This promotes swift and efficient healthcare service delivery and enhances the value of the RDGX token.


Pioneering the Future
of Global Healthcare

In-App Utility
RDGX tokens unlock access to all platform productivity suite software subscriptions and services.
Cost-saving Discounts
Use RDGX tokens for payments and save 20% to 50% on subscriptions, leading to significant cost reductions.
Healthcare Data Evolution
Unlock exclusive opportunities for enhanced HD-ID status and Enterprise-level Tokenization. With RDGX, healthcare enters a new era of connectivity.
Critical role ID Proofing
Validators are essential for verifying HD-ID’s and Audit Trails Trails in the R-DEE Protocol, a global healthcare blockchain by Radiologex.
By the

Tokenomics Overview

Dive into RDGX token's utility. Access an exclusive set of privileges like early and elevated access, substantial platform and service discounts, and the opportunity to participate as a node validator.

Fixed Total Supply of One Billion Tokens
Tokens Required collateral for operating an R-MIN node.
100 M
Tokens Allocated for private pre-sale and public sale events.
Earn 39.9%
Annual Rewards for Optional Node Validator (R-MINs)
Direct on-platform savings and cost offsets with RDGX utility tokens.

Node Validator
Incentives & Benefits


Product and Token Support

Advanced Product Support: Support a highly refined and market-ready product, the result of five years of meticulous research and development, by acquiring RDGX utility tokens.


Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration Opportunities: We actively seek partnerships with node validators who share our vision for healthcare data revolution.

Only 12,500 third-party Node Validator Licenses available – Secure your RDGX node collateral while supplies last.


Validator Recognition and Incentives

Enhanced HD-ID Status: Validators receive an elevated healthcare-digital ID (HD-ID) status within the R-DEE™ platform.

Structured Incentive Program: Validators are rewarded with 333 RDGX tokens every 30 days for ten years, followed by a fee-based incentive system.


Performance and Management

Performance Rewards: Validators are further incentivized based on factors like uptime, longevity, and overall performance.

Seamless Deployment and Management: Node Validators can enjoy effortless node operations and management with the push-button functionality (an industry first) of the free-to-use R-DEE Settle module, available on both the Tokenize™ dashboard and the R-DEE app.*

* Standard VPS rental/usage fees apply per node through our VPS partners.


Tokenomics Allocation



Node Validator (R-MIN) & Ecosystem
Private Sale
Public Sale
Operations, Core Team, Founders
Fair Launch, Reserves, Grants and Philanthopy
Tokens (60% of Total Supply)
(10-Year Depletion Cycle)

Allocation of


Ecosystem Enhancements and Upgrades
Operations, Regulatory & Administrative
Grants , Healthcare Philanthropy and Reserves
Product Launch & Market Penetration
60 %
Listing &

Market and Exchange Listing Partners

LBank Exchange currently supports 50+ fiat currencies.
Azbit is a new generation exchange offering the most in-demand services on the market.
CoinBit being the largest cryptocurrency exchange means reliability.
Explore RDGX on CoinMarketCap: Official Listing, Profile, and Market Data.
Registered CoinGecko Page for Up-to-Date Token Information.


Cyberscope Profile/Security Audit/Penetration Test Coming Soon.

Frequenctly Asked

RDGX is a utility token, not a currency or investment vehicle. Its primary function is to serve as a tool within the R-DEE protocol for healthcare professionals and industry-related users, providing practical and professional benefits such as cost offsets and access to premium features.

RDGX stands apart due to its dual consensus mechanism and its design for global healthcare use, a first in the industry. It is not just a cryptocurrency but a comprehensive tool that addresses specific healthcare operational needs. It is the only USA-based, fully certified by the DHHS (US Gov), complete health IT solution available in blockchain and crypto sphere (web3).

RDGX is used to facilitate transactions within the R-DEE suite, allowing for discounted access to services, enhanced security through HD-ID status, and the ability to engage in healthcare tokenization. It's a practical token with tangible applications in the healthcare sector.

Like any utility token, RDGX's market value may vary. However, its primary worth lies in its utility and the various applications it enables within the healthcare industry, rather than its investment potential.

RDGX is currently available through direct sale at www.rdgx.io. There is a very limited Pre-Sale round, a Private sales round, and a forthcoming Public sales round.

RDGX is currently also available in limited quantities on a select group of exchanges, ensuring exclusive access to our tokens:


Absolutely, our Direct Sales are unfolding in three key stages:

Pre-Sale Stage: Offering 2.5M RDGX tokens (250 nodes worth) at $1.00 per token, with a 100% bonus, effectively making the purchase price $0.50 per token based on availability. A minimum purchase of $500 is required. This stage continues until sold out, at which point the Private Sales Round will immediately commence. Tokens from this round have a 12-month vesting period.

Private Sales Round: Scheduled from July 25, 2024, to October 25, 2024, or until sold out. RDGX tokens are priced at $1.00 each, with bonuses ranging from 15% to 35% based on the purchase amount. A total of 15M RDGX tokens are available for this round. A sellout will immediately commence the Public Sales Round. Tokens from this round have a 6-month vesting period.

Public Sale Round: Running from November 1, 2024, to February 28, 2025. This round offers 30M RDGX tokens for sale at $2.00 per token, with bonuses ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the purchase amount. There are no lock-up periods during this round.

Each stage is designed with unique incentives, providing limited token availability to ensure exclusivity for early adopters.

*Note: Bonuses are effectively applied as discounts at the point of purchase. Thus, a 100% token bonus equates to a 50% discount on the listed token price at checkout."

Listing RDGX on exchanges first was a calculated move to establish its market presence and value. It enabled early price discovery and market validation, ensuring liquidity and wider accessibility. This step also signaled trust and compliance, laying the groundwork for stable pricing and strategic partnerships. Our investment in these listings reflects our commitment to RDGX's long-term potential and a stable foundation for its role in healthcare technology.

Our focus with RDGX is on its utility in the R-DEE ecosystem, vital for enhancing healthcare technology. While RDGX is not designed as an investment vehicle and we avoid speculation on its valuation, its value is inherently linked to its utility and adoption within the healthcare sector.

With RDGX aimed at a broad market including 75 million healthcare professionals and a billion patients, its practical use and adoption are key factors that naturally shape its value. We encourage observing the evolution of blockchain technology in healthcare to understand RDGX's potential impact and organic growth in the sector.

Currently, direct sales of RDGX tokens are restricted in several countries and regions due to legal and regulatory frameworks. These include Cuba, the USA, North Korea, Iran, Libya, mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), South Sudan, North Sudan, Syria, Crimea, and any jurisdictions under US, UN, or other relevant sanctions.

We recommend that potential buyers check the legal requirements in their respective jurisdictions before participating in the sale.

The availability of our Node Validator, known as R-MIN, is intentionally capped at 12,500 licenses. This is in addition to the 2,500 nodes already established by the company to ensure optimal network operations, bringing the total to a maximum of 15,000 nodes. We encourage interested parties to act swiftly to secure their node eligibility, as once these licenses are allocated, there will be no further issuance.

Node licenses are free, but Node Validators must complete KYC via the R-DEE app. While the license is complimentary, operators must independently procure a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for each node. VPS prices vary based on market conditions and the VPS provider, ranging from $2.50 to $20 per month, depending on the required CPU power. As essential partners in our network, Node Validators play a key role and receive compensation for their contributions to our enterprise-grade blockchain network.

To become a Node Validator, hold 10,000 RDGX tokens as collateral and complete KYC via the R-DEE app. Once approved for a Node Validator license, you can choose to run a node externally or use the automated R-DEE Settle Module for easy operation. Remember, your collateral is under your control, but stopping node operation or withdrawing collateral pauses reward accrual for 30 days. Full terms and details for Node Validators will be provided soon.

Beyond the initial ten-year reward phase, Node Validator compensation transitions from the reward pool to a sustainable fee-based model linked to the R-DEE platform's network fees. This ensures ongoing income for Node Validators, reflecting the critical role they play. Continual income is assured for active license holders who meet collateral and credit score requirements, reinforcing our commitment to a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with our Node Validators.

RDGX transactions are free of any extra network fees imposed by the R-DEE Protocol. As an ERC20 token, the only fees incurred are the standard Ethereum network gas fees. This approach ensures a straightforward and cost-effective transaction experience for RDGX users.

RDGX deeply values community engagement and we actively facilitate this through various social and communication channels. Nevertheless, community voting is not implemented within the RDGX framework. The core reason lies in the proprietary nature of the RDXG network, which is tailored to serve the high-stakes realm of global healthcare IT. Given the critical need for unparalleled security and compliance in handling sensitive healthcare data and services, RDGX operates as a private chain. This structure is intentional, ensuring that enterprise-level decisions maintain the strictest standards of privacy and reliability required by our users.

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